Thursday, July 28, 2011


Curious George is always a hit with our kids. As you will see Celia is no exception. That baby giggle is the best sound in the world.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Independence Day Weekend

This weekend seems so long ago that I was shocked to see that it was only 2 weeks ago. We had a full and fun weekend. I didn't take photos of the majority of our weekend. I guess I was too busy enjoying it all.

We kicked things off on Saturday by going to Lake Minnetonka with our friends Dan, Sharis and kids. The weather could not have been better and we had a delightful time. The kids played on the beach and took a boat ride. Celia and I sat under a shady tree and listened to the waves. I could get used to that.
I'm not sure we even got out of the driveway when I looked back and saw Micah like this.
On the 4th we headed to the Edina parade which has become an annual tradition for us. The parade started at 10am but my girlfriend Ali and I put our blankets and chairs out at 8am to make sure we reserved our spot. The guys were laughing at us but I think they were more than happy to have a spot in the shade. Ali said, "Don't mess with the mommy mafia." Yep, that's how we roll around here. :)

Last Independence weekend I found out I was pregnant so it was neat to think about how things have changed in the last year.

Snaps and sparklers were on the agenda. Noah burned his finger on a sparkler so I called the end of those. Snaps rule.

In true Wagoner style we had to cap the weekend with a trip to the ice cream shop.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

4 months

Celia turned 4 months old yesterday. Boy, do we love this girl. She spent her 4 month birthday rolling over again and again and again.

Noah says

We are sitting at the kitchen table in art mode. Both boys are into glue projects, my least fav but it beats the fighting that we just had. :) Anyhow, Micah says, "I eat the glue" as he takes the bottle out of his mouth. I know, fabulous. Then Noah says, "Micah, it is not organic." Ha!

Monday, July 11, 2011


We recently started doing a bedtime routine together as family. Tonight after we read a story Noah was doing some baby signs and Celia laughed out loud at him twice. Loved that.

This week we had the old carpet torn out of the stairs and hallway. Hooray for that. The first day the rug pad was still in place and the boys thought it was a great place to play with their cars. Of course they did. :) They tore small holes in a couple of areas and declared them "pot holes." I got a good chuckle out of that one.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Uncle Tyler is back - woot woot!

As soon as the Cruser family left my family rolled into town. Tyler has been in Australia, Indonesia and Malaysia for the last six months on a mission trip and we could not have been more thrilled to have him back. Micah and Noah stuck to him like glue for all six days. My dad, mom, sister Beth and nephew Ryker also came. We had a good time together and packed in plenty of fun, mostly the water variety.

Tyler came bearing gifts. These wooden crocodiles from Malaysia are especially cool.
Tyler also took Noah to his first movie in a theatre. They went to Cars 2 and both loved it.
Showing off their ticket stubs.
We went to the Richfield pool which has a super fun kid pool and the Linden Hills kiddie pool. Thank goodness for my mom and Tyler. Three kids at the pool is a serious handful.
We hosted a BBQ and some of Tyler's new Minnesota friends came to visit. Thrilled he has even more reasons to come to Minneapolis.
So happy to spend time with Ryker, even if he wants nothing to do with anyone but his mommy.