Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Noah has always loved reading.  A couple of weeks ago a really cool first happened.  One day after school he had a friend over to play.  As soon as his friend left he raced upstairs to get his book.  I found him like this.  He could not wait to finish the last two chapters.  

Monday, November 25, 2013

Halloween 2013

This is my only shot with the jack 'o lanterns?!?  All three were great.  

We attended the annual preschool Halloween program.  Micah gave a big smile when he spotted us in the crowd.  I adore watching the kids sing the songs and perform the actions they have worked so hard to learn.  Is there any sweeter age?

 Halloween night.  The lineup:

Frankie Stein (Frankenstein's cute son)
This year was my most fun Halloween with my kids yet.  In the past, we have been overbooked and it led to rushing around and not really enjoying the night.  When Noah got off the bus we hung out like normal, had a heavy snack then allowed ourselves enough time to get into costume.  I even had time to force them to take too many pictures.  

 C and her girlfriends.  They are SO fabulous.
Neighborhood friends who met pre trick or treat.  That rotten banana costume had me in stitches.

Apple Orchard

I chaperoned Micah's preschool field trip to the apple orchard.  It was a cold and rainy day but hanging out with these three cuties sure made it better.
This was on a giant pile of hay.  I wish I would have shot it from afar.  Fun times.


It is Nov. 26th and when I plugged my camera into computer tonight I saw that I have not downloaded photos since late August.  Oy!  So a few catch ups.

C had a nail biting issue this summer.  I mentioned it to my girlfriend, who has three girls, and she suggested painting her nails.  So we headed to a salon to buy Piggy Paint.  Celia chose a light pink color and what do you know, she hasn't bitten her nails since.  My friend is a genius.  

C & Dad

Rock balancing

A presenter came to Noah's class to teach them about rock balancing.  Such a cool hobby.
 Trying it out.

Another day

My kids enjoy being in just their underwear a little to much.

Camp 2013

The continuous progress students at Noah's school take an annual camping trip.  Almost all children have at least one parent go along.  In October I went with Noah.  At the camp information night I quickly learned that this was a good one to start with because of the time of year and because the environmental center we were headed to was just over 2 hours away, the closest of them all.  Last year the trip was in February and 90 miles from the Canada border...all I could think was brrr, I'd be miserable.  

The center had dorm style buildings with bunk beds for sleeping and eating.  We also learned at the info meeting that we would need serious outdoor gear, including rain pants - who owns rain pants???  We bought or borrowed all the essentials and packed up.  I dropped Noah off at school to ride on the bus with all 56 of his classmates and then carpooled with three other parents.  We arrived at the environmental center and the excitement was palpable.  The kids had been discussing camp for weeks.  

Noah roomed with two other first grade boys and their dads.  I roomed with four girls and three moms.  

Our stay was for three days and two nights!

Noah and his roommate looking at books before bed.
Each day we had 2 to 3 classes that were 3 hours in length led by naturalists.  We spent the majority of our days outside learning about mushrooms, insects, Native American life in Minnesota and raptors.
Hunting for fungi. 
So many cool mushrooms.
The one indoor class was rock climbing.   The rock climbing adventure is for 1st and 2nd graders and is a great opportunity for students to challenge themselves.    Noah learned that he is scared of heights, his venture up usually ended at the exact moment he looked down.
The last night we gathered around a camp fire.  The students were able to give a presentation/performance.  Some recited a poem, others acted out a skit, some told jokes, etc.  One of Noah's teachers then stood and said that it was time for "The Chair".  He went on to say that in our society it is rare for people to be publicly recognized and this is their chance to call up someone who they would like to acknowledge.  The older kids knew this was coming and were excited to call up classmates to thank them for being a friend, making good choices, etc.  Some were particularly poignant.  A fourth grade girl called up the two teachers and thanked them for all they do for the class and shared how important they are in her life.  Wow!  A third grade boy called up Noah, put his hand on his shoulder and told him that he is a good friend, that he has good manners and that even though he is in third grade and Noah is in first that Noah would probably beat him in one on one football, and finally that he was happy to have Noah in his class.  There was really no way to fight back the tears, I sat there with tears streaming down my cheeks and joy in my heart.  I know those words meant SO much to my boy.  Later a fifth grade boy called up all the first graders (I think there are 9 or 10) and told them that he remembered coming to CP for the first time and since then he has done so many things he never thought he could and made so many friends.  He ended by telling the kids they were in good hands.  Even the teachers had tears at that and decided to call it a night on that heartfelt note.  
Noah in The Chair.

The camp experience is truly a wonderful one for the kids.  The time together and new experiences allow the kids to bond in a way that is different from their time in the classroom.  So special.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Photoshoot favorites

I posted a few of my photoshoot favorites already but wasn't sure what I'd be using for Christmas card. So now that the cards have arrived I wanted to add some more favorites.  It is so hard to choose when the subjects are so adorable.
I seriously thought about using this family shot for our card this year.  
It cracks me up.
 Probably my favorite from the whole group.  

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Quick pic

I had to snap a quick photo of C last week.  She was just too cute not to capture.  Especially toting around that doll she named Calliou baby.  

Mr. Not So Clean

I was in the middle of organizing a closet today when Shawn says, "You better get out the video camera" and nods toward the family room.  I peeked in to see Micah cleaning up a huge pile of legos.  A landmark day for Micah indeed.


Shots from summer soccer.
My friend, Shan, sent me this picture.  She couldn't believe how Noah and Shawn have the exact same stance.
 This shot was from the last day.  These boys have know each other since they were babies and we are all family friends.  So special to capture them together.