Sunday, May 10, 2015


Regular days at the Wagoners. 

BBall Noah

Second grade basketball season came to an end.  This team has a great group of boys and it was fun to watch Noah play on Saturday mornings.

Imagination Fair 2015

Noah and Micah were partners for this year's science fair.  Shawn and I were pleased: teamwork, brotherly love and one project.  Ahh yes!

What makes a sled go faster?
First they brainstormed what could be applied to the bottom of the sled to increase its speed/reduce friction.

They decided to test the following:
cooking oil

They hypothesized that oil would make the sled go the fastest.

One blustery day we all headed to the nearby sledding hill.  Shawn stayed at the top of the hill to aid in keeping things as scientific as possible and I was at the bottom with the stopwatch and a clipboard to record all the times.  Each boy went down on the plain sled.  Then they applied soap to the bottom and went down.  Cleaned the sled, applied cooking oil, then wax.

Applying wax to the bottom of the sled was the clear winner.

Finally they made their presentation board for the fair and used a skateboard ramp to simulate a sledding hill and plastic lids with weights for sleds so visitors could test the outcomes at the fair.  Noah did the majority of presenting at the fair and did a really nice job.  They both received awards for overall presentation and explanation.  We are proud of our little scientists.

Sports Pics

A few snapshots of the boys being boys.

Ice fishing on a cub scouts outing.
 Cheering for the boys basketball team.
 Gophers game for Noah's birthday.
 Skating with Nordy for a friend's hockey party.

Roller skating.

Over winter break we took the kids roller skating.  It was a first for us and oh boy was it a blast from the past for me.  It was exactly like Skate Island that I went to so many times as a kid - even down to the model dinosaur in the corner.  We all had good time and I can guarantee the kids and I will be back.
So adorable, I could eat them for breakfast.

Breakfast at Grandma's

It is no secret that my kids LOVE eating breakfast at Grandma Jane's.  The sugar cereal is the ultimate treat in their minds.  Last time we visited the boys tried a new breakfast option - toaster strudel.  Noah could not stop ohhing and ahhing about how good it was.  Then Micah said, "What mom?  This is healthy, it has broccoli in it."  Sure thing, buddy.

Farm sledding

While in Nebraska Shawn, Darren and Denis took the kids to Simon's farm for sledding.  Once there they realized there wasn't enough snow for true sledding so they attached the sleds to 4 wheelers.  It is a blessing I was not around for this activity, Nervous Nellie would not have approved.  Everyone came back in one piece and fun was had by all.

Micah driving.
 Noah driving.