Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Swim Lessons

Noah and Micah started swimming lessons. Noah could not have been more excited and has quite a kick. Micah on the other hand is not ready. He started off strong and was done after day two, he preferred to sit on my lap snuggled in his towel. So, Noah will continue in the fall. Here's to hoping he is swimming by next summer!

After lessons we stayed at the kiddie pool until nap time. Two weeks of fun in the water. I was a little worried about taking all three to the pool but it worked out. Noah is so good at following directions. We had a rule that if he wanted to go down the slide he had to ask every time and then wave when he got to the top. I could see him the entire time but I wanted him to get used to the routine of checking in. Micah was content to play with his trucks beside the pool or just barely in the water so I could keep Celia in the shade for most of the time. Celia loved to get in the water, kicking her legs and grinning every time. I'm still a little shocked at how well it went.
Practicing his kick.

The pool also has a cool park that the boys enjoyed.


Look who's freckles are coming out! I hated my freckles growing up but I think they are the cutest on my big kid.

5 months

Now that Celia is nearing her 6 month bday I figure I'd better get her 5 month posted. This little beauty has been busy grabbing everything in sight, sticking her tongue in and out, belly laughing at her brothers and making us all fall even more head over heels in love with her. I predict she will be a very FUN girl.

Saturday, August 20, 2011


According to Noah: The cows won't move off the tracks so that Toby and Thomas can get through. He assures me this was not a dream but in fact real. Though he "saw" it at 10pm after being asleep for over 2 hours. :)

Friday, August 19, 2011


I had a tender moment with Noah yesterday.

On the way out of the pool Noah was walking ahead of us and I caught myself on the verge of tears because it struck me how big he is getting. Later that afternoon, we were sitting on the guest bed chatting.

Me: "Noah, sometimes I'm ready to bawl my head off because you are just getting big so fast. Before I know it you will be back in preschool, then kindergarten. Then you will be getting your driver's license and going away to college."
Noah (tears filling his eyes): "Mom, that makes me about to cry too. I just want to live with you and dad here forever."

I went on to say that he could live with us forever if he wanted and he was happy with that. Obviously, how he feels about living with mom and dad will change over time but the moment really stuck with me. I sure do love that kid. He is such a sweet tender hearted boy.


I was in the kitchen and realized things were a little too quiet. I went into the living room and found the boys like this. That was a sweet surprise.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


These photos are from a few weeks ago now but I wanted to post them because it was a fun day.

My girlfriend sent me a text saying that a fire truck was spraying kids with water at the park behind our house. We looked out our window and saw the water flying. Micah was napping but Shawn was home so Noah hustled to get his swimsuit on. We ran to the park. He was unsure of getting doused by the hoses but once the water stopped he sure had a blast running through the puddles. It is not often that we can head out the door in a couple of minutes on a whim but that day we could and I'm sure glad we did.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Milk Mustache

Me: "Noah, you have a mustache."
N: "A hairy one?"

Thursday, August 11, 2011


Do I have to take the blame for "dude" coming out of Noah's mouth a little too much? I pass the blame to my friend, Brennan, for saying it myself. :)

Update: Shawn says he thinks he picked it up somewhere else. Phew! :)

Daily banter

N: Micah I'm older than you so I know more.
M: I'm older.
N: No I'm older.
N: I'm older and bigger.
M: No I'm bigger.
N: Mom, Micah thinks he is older and bigger than me.

And so on and so on. All day long, different topics same disagreements.

Monday, August 8, 2011

On the road again

Just when I thought we would be without road trips for a while we were on our way back to Nebraska. Unfortunately Shawn's Grandma Goldie passed away last week. Her hometown of Spencer is on the South Dakota/Nebraska border so we were in the country for sure. The scenery is really beautiful, especially now when everything is as green as can be. I had to try and focus on that during the constant climb to the back rows. I do not enjoy these car rides...not one bit. The driver has the better end of the deal by far. The visit in Spencer was really good though. Shawn hasn't seen these cousins for a long time so it was nice to catch up and spend time with Darren, Kristen and the girls and of course Dennis and Jane.

The county fair was going on while we were in town and although we skipped most festivities we did head to the parade.

Mallori and Julia. Mal told me not to put these on my blog but these girls are just too beautiful not to post. Love them.
Hallie & Micah.

Celia with Grandma Jane. She is constantly hands in mouth, teeth must be on the horizon.
Micah was pleased with his loot of candy. They threw out a ridiculous amount. We are rationing it for a few days then it gets the heave ho.
Kristen, Mallori and Brooklynn.
Micah on the drive back to Minneapolis. He insisted on holding these trucks the entire 7 hour drive.
Glad to be back home.

Ahh, just another day at the lake.

My friend, Sharis, invited us over for a play date at Lake Minnetonka last week. It was fun to get all our kids together. It was a super way to spend a Friday morning.

Here's Noah ready to head out the door. This picture really cracks me up. He looks like a complete dork. He is much cooler in person. :)
And here's Mr. Too Cool for School or at least a swim suit. Ha!
Miss C lounging.
My friend, Megan, took Noah out to the diving platform. Bless her heart. I was a bit on edge with all three by myself in this environment.
This group of friends hZ the best kids. I love them all and am so glad that my kids have them as friends.

Nap time

Micah: "I'm awake already, mommy. I'm awake already, mommy. I'm awake already, mommy"

Me: "Umm, you haven't been to sleep yet."

Another nap bites the dust. Boo.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


We made our summer trip to Nebraska and were able to get in a lot of family visits especially a ton of fun cousin time. On the first leg of our trip we stayed with Darren, Kristen and the girls along with Deanna and kids and Grandpa Dennis & Grandma Jane. Thanks for hosting ALL of us!

Cousins (except Brooklynn, who was still sleeping, Johnny and Celia). We all went to the Omaha zoo with Grandma Jane. Not a great picture but they all just sat down so we had to snap it as is.
Before we went to the zoo Noah said he wanted to see a komodo dragon and lo and behold lookie loo what was there when we walked in. Couldn't have ordered that better ourselves.
This picture has me wondering if Micah has a future in gymnastics.
Hallie and Noah were so cute together. Friends and cousins. They even wore each other's pjs and Noah shared one of his beloved puppies with her at bedtime. Now that is love! :)
On Sunday we hit the road bound for Wood River. Is it any surprise that the boys have a blast at Grandpa Dennis & Grandma Jane's house?! Boy paradise.
Catching lightening bugs. A first. We don't have them in Minneapolis.
We needed to help this little cutie pie celebrate turning one.
Ryker and Celia.
I hope Celia has this reaction to boys going in for a kiss for about 30 years.
We also saw Tyler and his cute and sweet girlfriend Rachel.
Celia with Great Aunt Judy.
After a short stay in WR we headed back to Council Bluffs to sleep and then drove the rest of the way home. The kids were troopers overall but there was a meltdown by our oldest that had me pulling over at the closest exit while Shawn was on a conference call. Shawn had stand outside the van while the cars whizzed by on the highway and the rest of us were punished with screaming. Good times for sure. I'm all set for driving long distances for a while, thanks.