Thursday, September 26, 2013

First Gade

We have a first grader in the house.  Noah started school right after Labor Day.  This year is one of transition for him.  Full day at school from half day kindergarten.  Lunch and recess have been a bit bumpy but I think he is settling in now.  He is in a program offered at our neighborhood school called Continuous Progress.  It is a multi-age classroom.  He is in a room with 1-3 graders and conjoined with a room of 3-5 graders.  The two rooms together make up their CP Family.  We moved to our city for the schools and there are many programs to choose from but we believe this one is a great fit for Mr. Noah.  If we think the same for Micah and Celia they will join the family in first grade too - siblings are in the same class.  There are five CP families at our school and each one has a male and a female teacher.  Every time we have an interaction with Noah's teachers we are thrilled to have landed in this group.  That is a very good thing considering they will be our children's teachers for the next 10 years if all goes as planned.  Noah has already made many new friends, as he has only one child from kindergarten in his class.  I couldn't be prouder of how he has handled all these new changes.  Here's to a great year.

New kicks

C chose a new pair of shoes for fall.  I hesitated on these, how much will they really match?  However, they are awfully cute and I think we can make them work with a lot.  These were also the most subdued of her favorites.  She is a girly girl for sure.


Checking out a new frozen yogurt spot for a fun after school snack.

Friday, September 20, 2013

2013 Photoshoot

We had a family photoshoot with Adrienne Page last month.  Adrienne has been taking our family photos since Noah's was one and is such a talent.  She still shoots in all film, which is really neat.  Bless her heart for sneaking our shoot in at 9 months pregnant too.  Here are a couple of my favorites.  
 This picture below just says so much about the role Celia plays in our family.  What a girl!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Everybody. Needs. Sleep.

Last night was one of those doozies.  I'm not sure why.  Shawn and I had all the kids ready for bed on time and the standard routine went off without a hitch.  Nonetheless, two hours later all three kids were still up needing one thing or another.  Noah had growing pains, Micah was apparently dehydrated based on the water intake, Celia...

Then I had the following conversation with Noah after going to his room for the fifteenth time or so:
Me:  "Why don't you practice your spelling words from today in your head?"
N: "Not using the cards?  In my head.  Okay."  "Dad told me to count to a zillion.  I counted to 10 hundred and thirty.  I just got done a few minutes ago."

I walked away and let out a serious belly laugh.

Saturday, September 14, 2013


A favorite.  We bought these magnatiles for Micah's fourth birthday.  They may be my favorite toy ever.  Celia had just made her friend's, Hazel and Katie, house.  The boys come up with some pretty amazing creations.

Real deal

The honesty just keeps on coming.  This morning Noah said, "Mom, I just love your hair.  It looks like a Chargers helmet.  Dark, then yellow, then dark, then yellow."  Shawn and I got a good belly laugh out of that one.

Later Micah drew this picture of me.  "Mom, do you know that those lines are?'  "What?"  Points to my forehead.
Their innocence is so sweet, even if my self esteem takes a beating.  Ha!


Would love to have seen the pre nap activities that led to these poses.  

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Home school

N:  "What school will Ryan go to this year?"
Me:  He will go to school at home.  His mom will be his teacher.  It is called home school.
N:  Let's not do that.