Thursday, August 29, 2013


This summer we decided to try a new school for swim lessons.  I am thrilled that we did, the teachers are fantastic and the boys' skills in the water have taken off.  We are going to continue lessons for the long term and can't wait until they are competent swimmers and I can feel a little less paranoid around water.


At nap and bedtime we sing Celia a couple of lullabies.  Her current request is "We Will Rock You."  A perfect song for settling down to sleep.  Ha!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Blast from the past

The boys chose a ninja turtle book at the library and Noah drew his version.  I think it is quite good.  It has been fun to see which toys from my childhood have been resurrected and are now popular again.  


Celia's transition to a big girl bed is going swimmingly.  Insert sarcasm.

Sunday, August 11, 2013


Celia loves

I'm painfully behind on blogging but wanted to post these videos of Celia sharing her love for her fam.  That girl is a sweetie pie.  

Bedtime buds

These two should be sleeping but instead we are hanging out in Micah's room and they are noshing on cashews.

Tooth 2

August 3rd - second tooth bites the dust.  Noah brushed and flossed this tooth in hopes of upping the ante from the tooth fairy.  He has been talking to friends about their loot from the fairies.  Noah's first tooth fairy visit resulted in $1 and fairy dust.  He was hoping for $3.  His second tooth resulted in $2 and fairy dust.  I'd say his polishing work paid off.  Noah doesn't have a gap toothed smile because both permanent teeth had grown in behind the baby teeth and finally pushed the little guys out.