Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Mr. Irresistible

Micah during before bed prayer:  "I pray that you will always be my mom.  I also pray that you are the best mom ever."

He doesn't keep these statements to prayer time either.  Any ordinary moment of the day he will throw his arms out for a hug and say I'm the best mom ever.  When Micah gives you a hug or a kiss it is a real, hearty hug and kiss.  Putty in his hands.

This kid is absolutely the sweetest.  He prayed for over a year "that you (Shawn) will get a new job" when he knew Shawn wanted out of his current gig.  Still praying for that one. ;)

Each night the boys tell each other something they were thankful or made them happy about the other.  Without fail M says to N, "That you will always be my brother."  This annoys Noah because he wants a specific thing each night and really that is the point, but as a parent is there anything better.

He certainly knows how to lay it on thick.

Today's art

Felt monkeys hanging from vines and eating bananas.  This turned out really cute and N did it completely solo.  I especially like the pipe cleaner tails.

Monday, April 8, 2013


Today I was sitting at the table with Celia while she finished her lunch and it was quiet.  Too quiet.  I went to see what the boys were doing and found them like this.  I went to get my camera and snuck a photo.  Book worms.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Beautiful Bird

While going through photos saved on my phone I realized I neglected to post about a project I helped with in Noah's classroom.  Every October Noah's school has a fundraiser.  The event is for parents and includes a silent auction.  It is wildly successful, bringing in over $30,000 in one night.  One of the silent auction highlights is an original art piece made by the students in each classroom.  

Noah's teacher, Holly, sent us (the room parents) an idea of a peace dove made out of thumbprints.  Holly really wanted the white space preserved.  With the idea solidified, it was our job to execute it.  It was so neat to be in the classroom and watch as the thumbprints combined to create the bird.  Once it was completed the kids brainstormed titles and "Beautiful Bird" was chosen.  

Kindergarten age is so incredibly sweet.  I really enjoyed being a part of this project.

Monday, April 1, 2013


A large box was delivered today.  Before I knew it the boys had transformed it into a race car.  Then they ran upstairs and came back down with these racing suits and essential accessories.  In case you are wondering, Target is their sponsor.


Easter was one of those days that was just plain nice.  The only not so nice part was the weather.  As we left church it started to snow.  Egg hunts in the cold and snow are a bummer, but we had a great family day nonetheless.

The Easter Bunny came and the kids were happy with their haul.
These coloring books sure kept the kids busy during church.  They barely made a peep.  That Easter Bunny knows his stuff.
They played and played.  The boys received new lego sets and Celia a little people bus.
Easter photos.

 Ready for the egg hunt.

Easter 2013 prep

Micah fell off the toy vacuum earlier in the day.  We were worried a trip to urgent care was needed but thankfully Shawn's first aid skills and a couple butterfly bandages got us through.

Celia turns 2

It has taken me some time to get to this post.  Partially because life is busy and a little because it is hard to believe our baby girl can really be two.  

We think Celia is absolutely the best girl ever.  She is sweet, fun, smart and bossy.  This girl doesn't miss a beat and is very particular.  I think I may have an organization soul mate.  Celia's favorite word is me.  Typical to her age she wants to do everything herself and lets you know when something is hers.  She is quite attentive of her brothers whether taking part in super hero themed play or coming to their aid when someone is hurt with a comforting hug and kiss. Our girl is also an accessory lover: bracelets, necklaces, bows, headbands, rings.  You name it, she wants to wear it.  Her favorite person in the world is daddy.  

Wishing our sweet girl another wonderful year.
Mickey is a favorite.  This is a present from Micah and look how excited he is to give it to her.
 Her expression over this shirt is priceless.
 The trio for C's birthday dinner.
 A gift from Noah.
Oh thank goodness, a bed for her babies. ;)
A little blowing help from her brother.
Our traditional birthday kid with parents photo.  Celia was all for it.  Ha!