Saturday, April 6, 2013

Beautiful Bird

While going through photos saved on my phone I realized I neglected to post about a project I helped with in Noah's classroom.  Every October Noah's school has a fundraiser.  The event is for parents and includes a silent auction.  It is wildly successful, bringing in over $30,000 in one night.  One of the silent auction highlights is an original art piece made by the students in each classroom.  

Noah's teacher, Holly, sent us (the room parents) an idea of a peace dove made out of thumbprints.  Holly really wanted the white space preserved.  With the idea solidified, it was our job to execute it.  It was so neat to be in the classroom and watch as the thumbprints combined to create the bird.  Once it was completed the kids brainstormed titles and "Beautiful Bird" was chosen.  

Kindergarten age is so incredibly sweet.  I really enjoyed being a part of this project.

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