Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Mr. Irresistible

Micah during before bed prayer:  "I pray that you will always be my mom.  I also pray that you are the best mom ever."

He doesn't keep these statements to prayer time either.  Any ordinary moment of the day he will throw his arms out for a hug and say I'm the best mom ever.  When Micah gives you a hug or a kiss it is a real, hearty hug and kiss.  Putty in his hands.

This kid is absolutely the sweetest.  He prayed for over a year "that you (Shawn) will get a new job" when he knew Shawn wanted out of his current gig.  Still praying for that one. ;)

Each night the boys tell each other something they were thankful or made them happy about the other.  Without fail M says to N, "That you will always be my brother."  This annoys Noah because he wants a specific thing each night and really that is the point, but as a parent is there anything better.

He certainly knows how to lay it on thick.