Sunday, May 10, 2015


Regular days at the Wagoners. 

BBall Noah

Second grade basketball season came to an end.  This team has a great group of boys and it was fun to watch Noah play on Saturday mornings.

Imagination Fair 2015

Noah and Micah were partners for this year's science fair.  Shawn and I were pleased: teamwork, brotherly love and one project.  Ahh yes!

What makes a sled go faster?
First they brainstormed what could be applied to the bottom of the sled to increase its speed/reduce friction.

They decided to test the following:
cooking oil

They hypothesized that oil would make the sled go the fastest.

One blustery day we all headed to the nearby sledding hill.  Shawn stayed at the top of the hill to aid in keeping things as scientific as possible and I was at the bottom with the stopwatch and a clipboard to record all the times.  Each boy went down on the plain sled.  Then they applied soap to the bottom and went down.  Cleaned the sled, applied cooking oil, then wax.

Applying wax to the bottom of the sled was the clear winner.

Finally they made their presentation board for the fair and used a skateboard ramp to simulate a sledding hill and plastic lids with weights for sleds so visitors could test the outcomes at the fair.  Noah did the majority of presenting at the fair and did a really nice job.  They both received awards for overall presentation and explanation.  We are proud of our little scientists.

Sports Pics

A few snapshots of the boys being boys.

Ice fishing on a cub scouts outing.
 Cheering for the boys basketball team.
 Gophers game for Noah's birthday.
 Skating with Nordy for a friend's hockey party.

Roller skating.

Over winter break we took the kids roller skating.  It was a first for us and oh boy was it a blast from the past for me.  It was exactly like Skate Island that I went to so many times as a kid - even down to the model dinosaur in the corner.  We all had good time and I can guarantee the kids and I will be back.
So adorable, I could eat them for breakfast.

Breakfast at Grandma's

It is no secret that my kids LOVE eating breakfast at Grandma Jane's.  The sugar cereal is the ultimate treat in their minds.  Last time we visited the boys tried a new breakfast option - toaster strudel.  Noah could not stop ohhing and ahhing about how good it was.  Then Micah said, "What mom?  This is healthy, it has broccoli in it."  Sure thing, buddy.

Farm sledding

While in Nebraska Shawn, Darren and Denis took the kids to Simon's farm for sledding.  Once there they realized there wasn't enough snow for true sledding so they attached the sleds to 4 wheelers.  It is a blessing I was not around for this activity, Nervous Nellie would not have approved.  Everyone came back in one piece and fun was had by all.

Micah driving.
 Noah driving.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Noah is 8!

It is hard to believe but our Noah is eight.  He truly is such a great kid, the BEST.

What Noah is looking forward to in his eighth year.
Trying piano
Trying flag football
Summer soccer

Trying piano has already morphed into trying guitar but I think flag football and soccer will remain.

We didn't have his party on Christmas Eve but we celebrated his big day none the less.  He started the day with opening presents, a pizza lunch, then Shawn took him to play at the football field and of course an ice cream treat. 
That's a lot of green :) and a hoover ball.  This kid is constantly kicking a ball, throwing a ball, catching a ball.  We are hoping the hoover ball will fill his need but keep things on the ground.
The traditional parents with birthday kiddo picture.
Noah's 8 year interview:
What were some of your favorite gifts you received this year?
Goalie mask, electric football game, grandma pants.

Tell me what comes immediately to mind when I say these words:
Home: fun
Favorite color: vibrant
Brother/sister:  Micah/Celia
Magic:  magicians
Bedtime:  worst part of the day
School:  friends
Hero:  me
Cool:  family & sport court
Love:  hugging & kiss

What makes you really really happy?  weekends

What do you look for in a friend?  nice & what their interests are

What the best way to cheer someone up?  Making one of my funny faces

What's your favorite song on the radio?  Happy

What are your thoughts about God?  He wants me to go to church. 

What do you think you'd like to be when you grow up?  soccer player

Who's the last person you kissed?  Dad & Mom

Family Christmas

We decided to have our family Christmas on Saturday, Dec. 20th, then drive to Nebraska a few days later to spend the holidays with our families.  Shawn said he remembered traveling to his Grandma's and being disappointed to open his presents after Christmas when they got back home and we always get back home late after a long drive, all of us are zonked while opening presents.  So this year we changed it up.  We huddled up in the family room and the kids hauled their presents in and opened one person, one gift at a time so we could savor the time.  Everyone was content and happy the whole day.  I think we have a new tradition!
 Shawn and I scored new smartwool socks.  Warmth is key in Minne.
Then this happened!  Our poor Micah got influenza A and our trip to Nebraska was delayed.  We made it in plenty of time for our celebrations but had to move Noah's birthday party to another day.  All in all everything worked out just fine, except that this sickness set  off a over a month long period of someone being sick in our family...a long month.

Saturday, February 7, 2015


My whole life captured.  
Heart exploding with love.

Holiday fave

One of my favorite, favorite things about holiday time is getting cards in the mail.  It is like a present each day.  Seeing all these faces we love makes me so happy. 

Celia Christmas program

I am learning that even as a stay at home home with a husband who is as flexible as he can be with his work schedule sometimes I have to miss a special event with my kiddos.  Celia's holiday program was one of those misses for me.  I was in Micah's classroom but Shawn was there for Celia and truth be told that made our girl happy as could be.

Showing her gingerbread house made at preschool.
Prorgram.  She spotted this dress and end of story IT was the holiday dress of all dresses for her.

Dress up


Noah has had many visits from the tooth fairy this year.  Shortly before Christmas his smile looked like more teeth were missing than existing!  His school was collecting money for their annual service project - packing meals to send to Haiti.  One morning he asked me for a baggie to take money into school, he had decided to donate all of his tooth fairy money for the project.  Shawn and I were super proud of him. 

What's in the box

I finished all of my holiday shopping and wrapping nearly two weeks early this year.  It was a Christmas miracle.  The kids spent so much time dragging the presents out, sorting them, shaking them and making guesses about what was inside.  I overheard Micah say, "I think Mom got legos," after shaking one of my presents.  Ha!

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Play date pic

And shortly afterward a dad sent this to me while Micah was at his house for a play date.  Looks like he was getting along just fine. :)

Classroom snapshot

Every once in a while one of our teachers will send a photo of the kids in classroom action.  I love it, what a bright spot to the day.  Here is one from January.

Cooking Baking

The only photo I took this year of cookie baking and decorating.  Mom fail!  That being said we baked, decorated and delivered to all our neighbors as usual. 
A perfect baking partner
And one from our annual holiday party with close friends...