Sunday, February 8, 2015

Noah is 8!

It is hard to believe but our Noah is eight.  He truly is such a great kid, the BEST.

What Noah is looking forward to in his eighth year.
Trying piano
Trying flag football
Summer soccer

Trying piano has already morphed into trying guitar but I think flag football and soccer will remain.

We didn't have his party on Christmas Eve but we celebrated his big day none the less.  He started the day with opening presents, a pizza lunch, then Shawn took him to play at the football field and of course an ice cream treat. 
That's a lot of green :) and a hoover ball.  This kid is constantly kicking a ball, throwing a ball, catching a ball.  We are hoping the hoover ball will fill his need but keep things on the ground.
The traditional parents with birthday kiddo picture.
Noah's 8 year interview:
What were some of your favorite gifts you received this year?
Goalie mask, electric football game, grandma pants.

Tell me what comes immediately to mind when I say these words:
Home: fun
Favorite color: vibrant
Brother/sister:  Micah/Celia
Magic:  magicians
Bedtime:  worst part of the day
School:  friends
Hero:  me
Cool:  family & sport court
Love:  hugging & kiss

What makes you really really happy?  weekends

What do you look for in a friend?  nice & what their interests are

What the best way to cheer someone up?  Making one of my funny faces

What's your favorite song on the radio?  Happy

What are your thoughts about God?  He wants me to go to church. 

What do you think you'd like to be when you grow up?  soccer player

Who's the last person you kissed?  Dad & Mom

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  1. Bummed we missed his birthday, glad he had a good one!