Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Class Tree

I'm really into kid art.  I love to see what they create.  Noah's kindergarten class adopted a class tree.  Throughout the year they learned about trees and checked on their tree.  The last week of school he suggested to his class that they paint their class tree and his teacher liked the idea.  Here is his rendition, which is now displayed in his room in a frame we use to rotate his current art.  

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Art camp

Noah was invited to a week long art camp hosted by the mom of one of his classmates.  I was a room parent with Kari and she is one of those wonder moms that make me stare in awe at how she does it all.  She has 4 boys, 2 cats, a dog, 4 guinea pigs and a whole tank full of praying mantis.  I always tell her that she would be bored to tears at my house.  Then she has this art camp for 5 kindergarteners that was so stinking amazing and Noah enjoyed so much.  The last day the kids created an exhibit for all their work and invited the families come.  Here is Noah showing off some of his masterpieces:
The fish now hangs above his bed.
Each day they read a book and one of the projects was based on the story.
 Self portraits.
 Kari and the kids.  Funny faces and all.


Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Orangutan resting


Uncle Tyler and Aunt Rachel came for a visit last week.  We are always happy to see them and missed them right about the time they backed out of the driveway.  They are training for a half marathon.  I think they enjoyed their run around the lakes here and especially the hills in our neighborhood. ;)  

We took them to the beach, to one of Noah's baseball games and to a nearby park to check out the falls.  We rented this family bike to ride around the park and explore the falls.  Even Celia was yelling "Go, go, go" encouraging Shawn to pedal faster much to my chagrin.  The day before we had a storm with a lot of rain so the falls were especially strong which was cool to see.  

Thank you for making the trip to see us Tyler and Rachel.  

Big sprinkler

The park program behind our house has a fire truck come every summer for some big water fun with the kids.  We've been lucky to notice the water spraying and run the boys over to join in.  Cute idea.


The kids and I discovered a new to us beach and we are loving it.  We decided not to get a pool pass this year.  It is so busy and with three kids that leads to a very stressful outing for me.  The beach is much more our speed.

Oopsy daisy

This is an old video but I just came across it and want to have a record of how adorable this oopsy daisy was.  Especially since she has already moved on from saying it.  

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Independence Day


A milestone

Mark the calendar.  July 6th - Noah lost his first tooth.  Big news.

Boy of summer

On Mondays and Wednesdays you can find us at the baseball diamond cheering for Noah.  A nice way to spend an hour.

Summer upgrade

We surprised the kids with a new swing set.  I predict it will be a hit for many summers.