Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Two weeks ago the forecast said mid 30s for Saturday.  Shawn and I bundled up the kids, picked up two friends and headed to a nature center.  Noah's kindergarten class goes several times during the year for field trips.  The morning of fresh air was good for all of our souls.
 Sleds to push along the frozen ponds.
 Celia was getting cold at this point.  
 Bird food.
 Indoors.  A puppet show.


Our girl.  Just relaxing.

Cyber girl

Celia almost always wakes up once a night, and usually wants a snack.  I call it her *midnight snack* even though the timing can range.  Let's hope this snack routine wanes eventually.  I was on the computer one night and Shawn brought her down.  I went to get her a banana and found her like this.  


Tuesday, January 29, 2013


On January 5th Tyler married Rachel and the weekend couldn't have been more special.  We were honored to share in their big day.  Celia was a flower girl and ran down the aisle with a big smile and then threw two big clumps into the aisle right at the front. 
The church had a basketball court which was fabulous for entertaining the kiddos during down times.
 N and Cousin Brady.
 Micah, Trista, Noah and Brady.  Patiently waiting.
I'm so thankful to have Tyler as my brother and look at what an Uncle extraordinaire he is!
Ryker and Celia had the best time running in this entry and smushing their faces into the glass.  Cousin love.
Be still my heart.

Happy New Year!


Christmas Day we spent with the Lucas family and had a lovely day together.  
 All went off without a hitch and look how excited C was to see Uncle Tyler. ;)
 The soon to be married married.  Yay!
 We drove back to Minnesota and Santa had been here while we were gone.
 Micah was tired of waiting for us to open his race track and took matters into his own hands.
So blessed.

Wagoner Christmas

I'm really trying to get Christmas caught up on the blog before February.  Ha!  Mass in WR is always loooooong and at 5pm when my kids are not ready to sit.  Every single year Shawn and I grumble about mass in WR, some things never change.  :)  The kids and adults all did great this year though.  Micah took a snooze, which helped him power through the night of presents.  Paul, Deanna, Molly, Johnny and Samuel weren't able to come at the last minute and we all sure missed them.
Julia giving Celia tips on the piano.
 Uncle Darren and C.
 Uncle Shawn and the kids tracking Santa.
 Grandpa reading "Twas the Night Before Christmas"
 The kids enjoyed the humor he peppered in.
 Then we tried to get a group shot.  I can't help but laugh as I go through the shots.
 The best?!
 Julia and Celia hit it off.
I know Celia is excited about her own lawn mower instead of using the hand me down nearly broke to pieces version we have. 
I love this family.  What a great time.