Friday, January 18, 2013

Vikings vs. Packers

On December 2nd we invited three of Noah's friends over for the Vikings/Packers game.  It was an early and low key friend birthday party for Noah.
Impatiently waiting for the guests.
Ready for game time.
They had to get some bey blades in too.
As well as some game time of their own.
Noah was thrilled with his gifts.
 Happy birthday to you!
Noah received new football stickers for his NFL book.  In no time he was adding the needed stickers to his book.  Then they swapped the duplicates.  The sticker book obsession is so cute.  They memorize who needs what and then discuss it on the bus to and from school.  Serious business filling those books.
Noah and his main man, Easton.  We met Easton, his twin Emery and his mom when Noah was nine months old in a music class and have been friends ever since.  Now we live in the same neighborhood and they are in the same Kindergarten class.  Pretty special.  Noah says, "He likes Easton best of all, after his family.  EVEN more than football."
Finally we completed a puzzle of all the NFL helmets and called it a day.  A good one.  Our boy was happy.
 Is Micah hilarious in that photo or what?!

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  1. Wow, I can feel the love and happiness in the first four photos. Adorable. And it is so so special that Noah and Easton have been such great friends from the beginning. :)