Monday, January 21, 2013

Sibling Exchange

This year we decided to start a sibling gift exchange. Celia is pretty young for this but we wanted Noah and Micah to start the tradition of picking something special for a brother and sister.  Shawn and I took them to Target and gave them a $15 budget to shop with.  Our plan is that the kids will use their own money for this as they get older.  The kids exchanged gifts prior to our drive to Nebraska.
Noah really thought about what would make Micah happy.  Ninja Squinkies (I do not understand what makes Squinkies enticing!) and a bey blade of his own.  Micah was quite pleased.
Celia got a new Mickey Mouse club movie.  This little movie helped our drive to Nebraska tremendously.  *Miska Mouska Too*  *Hey Tootles*  *Mickey and Donald Had a Farm*.  Yes, they are just a little bit stuck in my head! :)
Micah chose the Herbie car movies for Noah with Shawn's help.  Shawn told Noah that this was one of his favorite movies when he was a kid.  The jury is still out on whether Noah likes them as much as Shawn did.

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  1. Great idea...I might need to borrow that one down the road a bit. :)