Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Who's 2?

I am fascinated by birth order and how it impacts kids.  When I saw Celia at the park on Friday it was the perfect example of being a third and having no sense of what your limits are.  As far as she is concerned she has none.  Unfortunately, after the weekend she is even more brave.  For my own sanity we may need to avoid this slide for awhile.  THAT SLIDE IS SUPER HIGH!!


Noah is playing baseball.  He plays on Monday and Wednesday mornings at the park a street over from us.  It is kind of perfect.  Here he is at the team photoshoot.

Summer cuts

with requested mohawk style.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Kindergarten, that's a wrap

The last week of school Noah and his classmates invited the parents to a Celebration of Learning.  It provided an opportunity for the students to share the work they have done throughout the year with their families.  Noah was excited for us to be there and proud to show us what he has been working on all year including writing journals, science journal, art projects, math projects and so much more.
...and just like that Kindergarten is over.  My chest already gets tight when I think about him in school all day next year.  I know he will love school, but I'm really going to miss him.

First day.
Last day.  Older and wiser!

Daddy love

I recently read a suggestion to take more videos of your children.  Even though I think I'll always remember how Micah sounds like he has a Boston accent or how Celia says Micah, someday I won't and it will be really great to be able to watch a video and remember.  So, I'm committed to take more video of my darlings.  C is up first.

Thursday, June 13, 2013


We drove to Omaha to meet the Robinson family for Memorial Day weekend.  Lee & Shawn went to West Point together and now Lee is stationed in Kansas.  We went to the zoo, a park, the kids played in the sprinkler and pool and Grandma Jane came to watch the kids one night so the adults could have a night out.  Honestly, the weekend could not have gone better.  So fun and low key, maybe Memorial Day in Omaha will be a tradition.
Noah reading to Annabelle and Ruby.
 Lee, Heather, Annabelle, Ruby and Grady.  Such a wonderful family.
The parting shots.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Bus party

Noah rides the bus to and from school.  On the drive home he rides with 6 other neighborhood kids in his half day kindergarten class.  The bus driver, Dodie, is an absolute dream come true.  She treats every student like they are her grandchild.  I am thrilled Noah was able to start the bus journey in such a positive way.  The moms decided to host a luncheon to thank Dodie and celebrate a great year.  
Lunches.  Bus shaped PB&J. :)
I was in charge of cookies and tried decorating with royal frosting for the first time.  I'm no Martha Stewart but they turned out cute and the kids loved them.
 Noah, Easton and Jace.  There really is something special about neighborhood schools.

Puerto Rico

Shawn and I were to able to get away to Puerto Rico for 5 days in May.  Wowza!  Grandpa Dennis and Grandma Jane came to watch the kids.  They are SO wonderful.  I was anxious about leaving for that long but by day two I told Shawn that my shoulders were down for the first time in years.  We had a fabulous time and I'm glad our 10 year anniversary is next year because we have to take a trip for that.

We went into San Juan to tour the fort and do some shopping for the kids.  
 The view from the fort.

 Most of the time though, we did this.
 The only photo we took together.  Don't we look fabulous all windblown.  Ha!

Headed to Target

I can't decide if I'm wise enough to know it doesn't matter if my kids wear these costumes to Target or lazy because I don't care to argue about it.  I'm going with wise. ;)

A girl and her shoes

Tyler Graduates

The first weekend in May we drove to Lincoln to attend Tyler's graduation.  The weather was awful and unfortunate events the actual graduation was canceled.  However, they did find a way for the students to get their diplomas in the football practice facility.  It was as no frills as you can get but it made us no less proud of this guy.  Tyler is such an amazing person and I am lucky to call him my brother.  He will continue to great things in life.  Congratulations!!
 Cutest couple.  

Al fresco

A patio lunch...finally.  
Thanks Tyler & Rachel for the great table.


Scenes from a date.

Micah's a fun guy to bowl with.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

First essay

Mid April the children at Noah's school were encouraged to write an essay (3-5 sentences for kindergartners) about an issue at the school.  I was really proud of Noah as he came up with his idea and executed his essay fully on his own. 

Here is the email we got from his teacher:

Congratulations to Noah! 

Noah’s essay was chosen and he will be recognized in the Weekly as well as the news show (which we don’t normally view in half day Kindergarten, but I think we will make an exception for his special appearance!). 

He will go down the media center tomorrow to shoot a short segment with the other winners for the news show.

Thanks for encouraging him to write at home.


Here is the write up in the weekly newsletter.
Kids Writing Corner
These are the first three essays written by young writers. Students please keep writing! We would like to start a regular kids' writing corner in the Weekly. Let us know what matters to you and what is happening around school.

Noah Wagner
AM Kindergartener

I wish our class could go outside every day. It is really fun. I like playing tag.
(I wish ar class kld go otsid evre day. It is rile fun. I like plaing tag. He did such a great job, I wanted to share the fabulous kindergarten writing.)


Mud, mud and more mud.  That is how it is around here and this kid gets in all day long.

Stay for lunch

Yesterday Noah's half day Kindergarten class stayed for lunch.  An introduction to the cafeteria.  We checked the menu and he decided packing a lunch from home was best. I was secretly happy about that.  Our school strives to be better about lunch offerings but they still have a looong way to go.

Micah says

Overheard this exchange last night.

M:  "Noah if I didn't have a penis I wouldn't have to go pee...AND I'd never have to wash my hands." 
N:  "That would be great!"

The gift of art

This was one of my gifts from Noah for Mother's Day.  I LOVE it.  So beautiful. 
I also really like his note on the back.