Tuesday, June 4, 2013

First essay

Mid April the children at Noah's school were encouraged to write an essay (3-5 sentences for kindergartners) about an issue at the school.  I was really proud of Noah as he came up with his idea and executed his essay fully on his own. 

Here is the email we got from his teacher:

Congratulations to Noah! 

Noah’s essay was chosen and he will be recognized in the Weekly as well as the news show (which we don’t normally view in half day Kindergarten, but I think we will make an exception for his special appearance!). 

He will go down the media center tomorrow to shoot a short segment with the other winners for the news show.

Thanks for encouraging him to write at home.


Here is the write up in the weekly newsletter.
Kids Writing Corner
These are the first three essays written by young writers. Students please keep writing! We would like to start a regular kids' writing corner in the Weekly. Let us know what matters to you and what is happening around school.

Noah Wagner
AM Kindergartener

I wish our class could go outside every day. It is really fun. I like playing tag.
(I wish ar class kld go otsid evre day. It is rile fun. I like plaing tag. He did such a great job, I wanted to share the fabulous kindergarten writing.)

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  1. Way to go, Noah! Such a smart cookie, just like his mom and dad.