Monday, May 27, 2013


It snowed on May 12th (Mother's Day).  Then on May 14th it was 97 degrees.  Full license to break out the sprinkler.  The kids sure had a blast.  Now we are back to rainy and 50s-60s.  The sun warming my bones sure made me want summer to get here immediately.  Seeing these cuties in their bathing suits helps too.


Shawn's Great Aunt Judy came for a second visit in April.  I thought this photo of her with Celia was especially sweet.

A Micah Original

Micah and Mom Walking In Grass

In the books

Micah wrapped up his first year of preschool last week.  I wasn't sure he was ready for preschool in September but he always proved me wrong.  He thoroughly enjoyed the school year and at the end of each school day sprinted over when he saw me to give a bear hug squeeze.  I'm looking forward to savoring my time with him over the summer though.
First day of preschool.
 Last day of preschool with Mrs. Schubloom.
Our preschool celebrates the last day with an ice cream social.  Root beer floats all around.  


Shawn and I volunteered to help Micah's preschool classmates with a woodworking project, because we are experts in woodworking.  Ha!  It turned out to be really fun.  The kids made everything from cars, boat, bridge, princess and more.  Princess was a little tricky. :)  Here is Micah with his police car.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Micah's Spring Program

Micah's preschool has a spring program and each class sings a few songs and then they sing a few more as a big group.  It is simple and darling and perfect.  

We won a silent auction the year before for reserved front row seats.  Woot woot!!  When Micah first walked in Shawn was in the bathroom and Micah yelled, "Where is Dad?"  Here he is smiling as he laid eyes on Shawn.
 I am so impressed how politely they sit while the rest of the classes sing.
 After we met in the classroom and Micah showed us what he has been up to lately.

A Wild Night

Noah's best friend, Easton, turned six in April and invited him to a Wild hockey game for his party.  It was an epic night in the life of a six year old hockey fan. 
Hugging after a Wild goal.
Noah danced and cheered on the Jumbotron at one point and the kids were on TV three different times.  Is it really a surprise, look how adorable they are! ;)  Below is a picture Peyton's mom took of the TV at home.

At the end of the night.  He didn't get home until after a 11.  A big night indeed.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Micah turned four.  These kids, they just keep growing up and we keeping falling more and more in love with them.  Micah is a happy, fun, outgoing, bright and tenacious little guy.  He is the family comedian and the best snuggler ever.  He is usually cold and covers up with a blanket but also insists on wearing shorts, short sleeves and no socks.  Mmm hmm.  Micah still loves kefir, I think one of my first posts ever was about him yelling for kefir from his crib first thing in the morning.  He is crazy for superheroes and can play with his guys for hours.  He also can be very easy going and forgiving to his mother - who occasionally forgets the school bag or to pack shoes for the inside gym.  "It's okay mom."  Bless him!  

Here is Micah's 4th birthday interview:
Tell me what comes to your mind when I say these words.
Home - "Toys"
Favorite color - "Red"
Brother/Sister - "Noah plays with me."
Magic - "Elfs"
Bedtime - "Books"
School - "Toys"
Love - "Mom"  ***swoon***
What's the last thing you were sad about?  "Celia biting me."
What makes you really, really happy?  "That Noah is my brother"
Are you scared of anything?  "Dragons"
If you could have any animal for a pet, what would it be?  "Monkey"
What do you think you will be when you grow up?  "Firefighter or 49ers player."
Who is the last person you kissed?  "Celia"

Special treats at school.
 Assembling presents.  Ha!

 Oh how tortured they are.  Say cheeseburger!!
 Traditional birthday shot with mom and dad. 
This picture takes my breath away.  This was our night cap.  


Spring arrived on the calendar and it just kept snowing here.  We drove to Nebraska on May 2nd for Tyler's graduation (more on that later) and it was snowing.  MAY 2nd!  Noah had worn snow boots to school.  Ack.  I'm truly hoping we are done with snow for the year.  I've decided that in the future when my kids are discussing a time when mom was mean, my standard line will be: "It must have been the year it snowed 8 months of the year."  Who can argue with getting the grouchies in that environment. ;)

Spring Break

The week before spring break Noah came home most days telling us what various classmates were doing over break.  Going to Arizona, Florida, Disney cruise, etc...and we...we were staying home.  He didn't care at all but the following conversation ensued:
N:  "Mom, do you know what I really want to do for spring break?"
Me:  "What?"
N:  "Go to Chuck E Cheese."
I look at Shawn, we both smile.
Me:  "You got it buddy."
Shawn doling out the coins.
 Noah's favorite.  I think he would have been happy playing that game the whole time.
It was really fun, especially for Noah and surprisingly affordable.  I'm a fan - a trip once a year would be perfect.  Spring break 2014 here we come.