Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Spring Break

The week before spring break Noah came home most days telling us what various classmates were doing over break.  Going to Arizona, Florida, Disney cruise, etc...and we...we were staying home.  He didn't care at all but the following conversation ensued:
N:  "Mom, do you know what I really want to do for spring break?"
Me:  "What?"
N:  "Go to Chuck E Cheese."
I look at Shawn, we both smile.
Me:  "You got it buddy."
Shawn doling out the coins.
 Noah's favorite.  I think he would have been happy playing that game the whole time.
It was really fun, especially for Noah and surprisingly affordable.  I'm a fan - a trip once a year would be perfect.  Spring break 2014 here we come.


  1. FUN. May all of his spring break requests be this inexpensive. ;)