Friday, December 31, 2010

Play Time

This is how things have been going around here the last few days. Play, play, play with all the new toys. Noah said this morning, "Mom, me and Micah got a million toys for Christmas." Yep, that is about right. They are having lots of fun. While we were cleaning out a closet Micah spotted his Halloween costume. So we've had a spider in the house for the last two days.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


We arrived back home on Monday night and the boys were eager to see what Santa delivered and open our family gifts. Two excited and happy boys.


Looks like Santa brought the right gift for Micah.

Birthday Boy

Our Noah turned four on Christmas Eve. He will always be our best Christmas present. Every year we celebrate his birthday in Wood River while home for the holidays with a birthday brunch. So many family members are in town so he has a big crowd to help celebrate. He gets the most excited about his cake and this year he wanted dinosaurs. My cousin, Hilary, made his cake and he was thrilled with the results. He did have some specific requests: only herbivores, a volcano and one of the dinosaurs had to have one foot in the water. Check, check and check. :)
A little shy for the birthday song.
Micah was sure to get in on the cake eating.
Cousin Molly.
Uncle Tyler and Micah.
Present time.
To continue the celebration we also went to a dinosaur museum with Uncle Tyler and his girlfriend Rachel. Noah LOVED it and we were so glad to have made the trip.

Digging for fossils.
Watching a video.
Here we are with our big boy.

Christmas in Wood River

We left for Wood River on Wednesday morning and our elves, Fisbee and Criddle, were sure to hide in the car so they could make the trek with us. Ten hours later we arrived at Grandma Dennis & Grandma Jane's house. The boys were very good travelers but mama was not. That drive kills me every time.

Shawn and I were very afraid of what was ahead of us after Micah was up nearly the entire first night miserable. Once we got the boys back on a semi schedule all was okay. One of the nicest things about the middle of Nebraska is that there is not a whole lot to do so although sometimes we can get a little stir crazy it is nice and peaceful. Since we are visiting both sides of the family while there things do stay pretty busy though. We had a great Christmas and enjoyed the time with our families.

Taking turns decorating Grandpa Dennis and Grandma Jane's Christmas tree.
Note to self: Photos while pregnant only when standing up. :)

Cookie Making

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Morning Workout

Shawn usually works out while the boys are sleeping but one morning last week either he was up late or they were up early and all three did an ab workout together. It was pretty entertaining - even if my photos didn't capture it.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Bad List

This morning Noah was looking for our elves that report to Santa each night and he couldn't find them.

N: "I can't find the elves."
Me: "Did you look all around the house?"
N: "Well...Micah was on the bad list yesterday."
Me: "Keep looking." While laughing.

He eventually found the elves.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


The weather continues to be brutally cold and preschool and all Minneapolis public schools were closed on Tuesday due to all the snow. So, we were up for indoor activities. We went to Choo Choo Bob's train store and played in the morning. To my surprise it was not busy.

After naps we headed to Macy's downtown for the annual Christmas display. It is called Day in the Life of an Elf. This is our second trip this season and the boys really enjoy it. I do too.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Snow Day

The weather in Minneapolis is frightful! Blizzard craziness. The snow started around 10pm last night and as of now we have gotten 17 inches. It is also super cold. The forecast for tomorrow is a high of 2 degrees with wind chills of -15 to -25. Boo!

We spent the day cozied up at home. Noah and his classmates decorated gingerbread houses and learned a song about a gingerbread baby at school. So we decided to make some gingerbread cookies of our own. I think he was quite proud of these cookies.

Little Ryker is still here and Noah has been wonderful with him. Showering him with kisses and hugs. Makes me hopeful that when our #3 arrives we will see more of the same.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Breakfast With Santa

For the last three years we have had the tradition of going to Breakfast with Santa with a group of families here. It is one of my favorite events during the hustle and bustle of the holidays. It is easy and fun and we get to kick off the holiday season with friends.
The best I could get of Micah with Santa, he wanted nothing to do with sitting on his lap.
After breakfast, a visit with Santa and singing Christmas carols the kids do a couple of art projects. Both boys enjoyed the art projects but Micah used the bulk of his time decorating his hands and face.
Micah giving Shawn a sticker.

Thanks to our friend, Dan Cooley, for taking and sharing the majority of these photos.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Look Who Is Here

Aunt Beth and baby Ryker are here for for a visit. Beth is super sister and drove to our house on Monday to watch the boys while I serve on jury duty. The added bonus is that we get to hang out with this little cutie pie.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Children's Musuem

Over Thanksgiving weekend we took a family trip to the children's museum. I think the museum here is wonderful and we hadn't been in a few months so a fun time was had by all.

Our rock stars checking themselves out on tv.
Delivering the mail.