Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Quick pic

I had to snap a quick photo of C last week.  She was just too cute not to capture.  Especially toting around that doll she named Calliou baby.  

Mr. Not So Clean

I was in the middle of organizing a closet today when Shawn says, "You better get out the video camera" and nods toward the family room.  I peeked in to see Micah cleaning up a huge pile of legos.  A landmark day for Micah indeed.


Shots from summer soccer.
My friend, Shan, sent me this picture.  She couldn't believe how Noah and Shawn have the exact same stance.
 This shot was from the last day.  These boys have know each other since they were babies and we are all family friends.  So special to capture them together.

Room redo

This summer we spent a day bringing Noah and Micah's rooms up to date with their current interests.  We bought the boys matching beds a few months ago when we made the transition to twin size.  I still think they may share a room in the future.  I found fresh wall art and Shawn helped them decorate.  I had to accept that my love of white space is not shared by my young children. ;)

Micah is all about superheroes and Star Wars.  
For Noah, sports it is.


Noah played baseball this summer.  I was incredibly impressed with the coaches.  It was fun to walk to the park near our house, sit on a blanket with the littles and watch Noah and his teammates learn the basics and play a few innings.  
It was really hard to tell the kids apart in baseball caps.  Noah is far left.
On the last day, my thoughtful boy made cards for his coaches.

Sunday, October 20, 2013


Shawn and Noah ran the mile together as part of the Twin Cities marathon family day.  Here is Noah crossing the finish line.  

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

When in Minnesota

This summer we scored goalie gear at a garage sale in our neighborhood.  

C style

Celia seems to believe in the adage more is more.  She has taken to wearing this cape around.  Only slightly overdressed and it got her plenty of attention at church.  

Children's museum

Now that Noah is in school full day we a lot of flexibility with our mornings on days we don't have preschool.  I renewed our membership to the children's museum and am hoping to take the littles once a month or so. 

Preschool starts

Micah just finished his first month of preschool.  The director of the school retired at the end of last year and a classroom teacher was promoted.  Micah has the new classroom teacher, Mrs. Larsen.  He has started the year off on a great foot.  It is clear he was excited to meet up and play with his budddies from last year.  His teacher says, "He is a delight.  Always smiling and happy."  That is our boy.

Stair step

I'm miserably behind on blogging.  It has been easier to avoid than catchup, but keeping a record of our family is important to me so I am determined to get up to date.  

Stair step photos are a big part of Shawn's family history.  All the cousins would line up by age and then by height for photos.  Here is our stair step.  I love how these photos capture their personalities and since they are all wearing Celia's jammies, their silly side too.