Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Bus party

Noah rides the bus to and from school.  On the drive home he rides with 6 other neighborhood kids in his half day kindergarten class.  The bus driver, Dodie, is an absolute dream come true.  She treats every student like they are her grandchild.  I am thrilled Noah was able to start the bus journey in such a positive way.  The moms decided to host a luncheon to thank Dodie and celebrate a great year.  
Lunches.  Bus shaped PB&J. :)
I was in charge of cookies and tried decorating with royal frosting for the first time.  I'm no Martha Stewart but they turned out cute and the kids loved them.
 Noah, Easton and Jace.  There really is something special about neighborhood schools.

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  1. School bus cookies - get. out. Nice job! I love this post...I hope the kids/parents feel the same way about my bus-driving mom and dad. :)