Sunday, February 8, 2015

Family Christmas

We decided to have our family Christmas on Saturday, Dec. 20th, then drive to Nebraska a few days later to spend the holidays with our families.  Shawn said he remembered traveling to his Grandma's and being disappointed to open his presents after Christmas when they got back home and we always get back home late after a long drive, all of us are zonked while opening presents.  So this year we changed it up.  We huddled up in the family room and the kids hauled their presents in and opened one person, one gift at a time so we could savor the time.  Everyone was content and happy the whole day.  I think we have a new tradition!
 Shawn and I scored new smartwool socks.  Warmth is key in Minne.
Then this happened!  Our poor Micah got influenza A and our trip to Nebraska was delayed.  We made it in plenty of time for our celebrations but had to move Noah's birthday party to another day.  All in all everything worked out just fine, except that this sickness set  off a over a month long period of someone being sick in our family...a long month.

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