Monday, April 1, 2013

Celia turns 2

It has taken me some time to get to this post.  Partially because life is busy and a little because it is hard to believe our baby girl can really be two.  

We think Celia is absolutely the best girl ever.  She is sweet, fun, smart and bossy.  This girl doesn't miss a beat and is very particular.  I think I may have an organization soul mate.  Celia's favorite word is me.  Typical to her age she wants to do everything herself and lets you know when something is hers.  She is quite attentive of her brothers whether taking part in super hero themed play or coming to their aid when someone is hurt with a comforting hug and kiss. Our girl is also an accessory lover: bracelets, necklaces, bows, headbands, rings.  You name it, she wants to wear it.  Her favorite person in the world is daddy.  

Wishing our sweet girl another wonderful year.
Mickey is a favorite.  This is a present from Micah and look how excited he is to give it to her.
 Her expression over this shirt is priceless.
 The trio for C's birthday dinner.
 A gift from Noah.
Oh thank goodness, a bed for her babies. ;)
A little blowing help from her brother.
Our traditional birthday kid with parents photo.  Celia was all for it.  Ha!


  1. She is just SO sweet, Shawna. Looks like a fun celebration. :)

  2. Sweet girl, hard to believe she is 2.