Monday, August 8, 2011

Ahh, just another day at the lake.

My friend, Sharis, invited us over for a play date at Lake Minnetonka last week. It was fun to get all our kids together. It was a super way to spend a Friday morning.

Here's Noah ready to head out the door. This picture really cracks me up. He looks like a complete dork. He is much cooler in person. :)
And here's Mr. Too Cool for School or at least a swim suit. Ha!
Miss C lounging.
My friend, Megan, took Noah out to the diving platform. Bless her heart. I was a bit on edge with all three by myself in this environment.
This group of friends hZ the best kids. I love them all and am so glad that my kids have them as friends.

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  1. The photo of Noah IS hilarious. Looks like a great lake and a wonderful time! I still want to smoosh that baby girl of yours.