Tuesday, August 2, 2011


We made our summer trip to Nebraska and were able to get in a lot of family visits especially a ton of fun cousin time. On the first leg of our trip we stayed with Darren, Kristen and the girls along with Deanna and kids and Grandpa Dennis & Grandma Jane. Thanks for hosting ALL of us!

Cousins (except Brooklynn, who was still sleeping, Johnny and Celia). We all went to the Omaha zoo with Grandma Jane. Not a great picture but they all just sat down so we had to snap it as is.
Before we went to the zoo Noah said he wanted to see a komodo dragon and lo and behold lookie loo what was there when we walked in. Couldn't have ordered that better ourselves.
This picture has me wondering if Micah has a future in gymnastics.
Hallie and Noah were so cute together. Friends and cousins. They even wore each other's pjs and Noah shared one of his beloved puppies with her at bedtime. Now that is love! :)
On Sunday we hit the road bound for Wood River. Is it any surprise that the boys have a blast at Grandpa Dennis & Grandma Jane's house?! Boy paradise.
Catching lightening bugs. A first. We don't have them in Minneapolis.
We needed to help this little cutie pie celebrate turning one.
Ryker and Celia.
I hope Celia has this reaction to boys going in for a kiss for about 30 years.
We also saw Tyler and his cute and sweet girlfriend Rachel.
Celia with Great Aunt Judy.
After a short stay in WR we headed back to Council Bluffs to sleep and then drove the rest of the way home. The kids were troopers overall but there was a meltdown by our oldest that had me pulling over at the closest exit while Shawn was on a conference call. Shawn had stand outside the van while the cars whizzed by on the highway and the rest of us were punished with screaming. Good times for sure. I'm all set for driving long distances for a while, thanks.

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  1. Looks like a great trip! Props to you and Shawn for making it happen. It is A LOT to make a long trip like that, and I think only those of us who make it a point to make the multi-state (now country for us!) trips knows what it is like.

    LOVE the pic of Hallie and Noah. And I bet the boys flipped over the lightning bugs :)