Friday, August 19, 2011


I had a tender moment with Noah yesterday.

On the way out of the pool Noah was walking ahead of us and I caught myself on the verge of tears because it struck me how big he is getting. Later that afternoon, we were sitting on the guest bed chatting.

Me: "Noah, sometimes I'm ready to bawl my head off because you are just getting big so fast. Before I know it you will be back in preschool, then kindergarten. Then you will be getting your driver's license and going away to college."
Noah (tears filling his eyes): "Mom, that makes me about to cry too. I just want to live with you and dad here forever."

I went on to say that he could live with us forever if he wanted and he was happy with that. Obviously, how he feels about living with mom and dad will change over time but the moment really stuck with me. I sure do love that kid. He is such a sweet tender hearted boy.


  1. And now I'm about to cry! Such a memorable response, for sure. Cadyn is a tender hearted kid too...I can hardly wait for some of these moments :)

  2. So sweet. When Grady's being sweet he will say 'mom are you going to miss me when I go to college' of course I always say yes and use the line you did of living with mom and dad forever. Once he finished that with, then do I get to marry you instead of dad :) I LOVE tender hearted little boys!! Noah sure fits that profile well!