Thursday, April 29, 2010


Noah is in a dinosaur stage right now. So far we have visited the dinosaur exhibits at the Minnesota Children's Museum and the Museums of Natural History in both Minneapolis and Albuquerque. We were impressed and had fun at all three. It is fun and educational for Shawn and me too as well as a nice respite from the cars and trucks mania that usually fills our play time. Noah is much better about retaining the dinosaur factiods than we are. We can always count on him to let us know which dinosaurs are herbivores, what the crest is for, etc. This fascination even resulted in a new family game - Dino seek, Noah's own spin on hide and seek. He tells us where to hide then comes looking for us saying "Where is mamasaurus?", "I smell dinner. " Cracks me up! I have also found myself profusely apologizing to strangers when our little TRex roars in their face while at the grocery store or standing in line to pick up a pizza. Cue the sheepish grin and me saying "He is dinosaur these days."

Making dinosaur tracks in play dough.

Checking out the triceratops. Every once in a while I'm reminded of just how much these two look alike...even from behind.

TRex skull. Noah was particularly impressed with the ferocious teeth.


  1. Read from top to bottom and thoroughly enjoyed your writing and stories. Love, love the picture of the two of them from behind! Love that the two of them have such distinct personalities. Isn't parenthood fun?!?!?!? :) xo

  2. Love these stories and, of course, the picture of them from behind. SO adorable!