Friday, September 30, 2011


My brother, Tyler, bought Noah a Nebraska football uniform a couple of years ago and it has gotten a lot of use. The last few weeks it has also led to too much fighting between the boys. One football helmet and two boys equals much unhappiness. So, Shawn and I started the hunt for a set for Micah, it took many calls to track one down. Thankfully we live in Minnesota because that M on the helmet is for Micah just like the N is for Noah. He was so excited to get this helmet. I want to burn that smile into my memory forever, it was so sweet.

Terrible pictures (my camera battery charger is currently missing!) but here are the Wagoner football players. Aren't they intimidating!?


  1. Super cute! Nice that the letters worked out :)

  2. Super cute are my thoughts also! How perfect that the N for Noah and M for Micah worked out! I had two older bothers growing up and wanted everything they had so look out Celia will be wanting a helmet of her own! Good thing is there are a lot of pro and college teams that start with a C :)