Sunday, October 23, 2011

Our wild thing

This is who is spending the most time in the exersaucer these days. He can get in himself but yells for help when he wants out.

Tonight Shawn is out of town and Noah and Celia were asleep. Micah was still up because he had taken a nap. Anyhow, Celia woke up so I went to rock her. Micah was in her room with us for part of the time then left and I assumed he was playing in his room. I went to check and he was in Noah's room stuffing his pajama bottoms with cars to haul out of there. Of course they all fell to his ankles which he did not like but he is resourceful, figuring out how to score a big load in a hurry under his sleeping brother's nose.

I cannot say how many times a day I say I love that cute little bugger. He is SO cute and such a stinker. Shawn calls it spirit. Depending on the day I typically have other names for it. He challenges my motherhood muscle every day. He is also such a lover. Throughout the day he will say out of the blue, "Mom. I love you. I love you a lot." He usually goes through everyone else who is there, telling them he loves them too. He yells when he gets to Celia, every time. Shawn thinks it is because he assumes she can't hear him since she doesn't answer back. There is nothing better than me listening to the boys playing from afar and hearing Micah tell Noah he loves him. Sigh.


  1. Hysterical about him yelling when he gets to Celia. Big brothers with little sisters are really sweet (most of the time :)
    Btw I still laugh when I buy kefir - thinking about Micah yelling "KEFIR!" from his crib.