Thursday, December 1, 2011

Children's Museum

With Noah's preschool schedule it is hard to do some of the fun kid activities that we used to. Last week he was off for the Thanksgiving holiday so we went to the Children's Museum. We hadn't been since Celia was a tiny babe so it was fun to get back there. I left my camera in the locker accidentally but was able to catch a few shots with my phone.
Here's our firefighter with a park ranger hat. :) Those boots were adult size and up to his thighs but he could still walk around in them.
Celia was so happy to play in the baby area.
Feather painting.
Boat races.


  1. Love this place...and agree, it's been harder to get there for us too with Ry in preschool 4 days. We finally made 2 weeks ago and wouldn't you know it...wound up sick! Do your kids always get sick from that place? We do!