Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Cozy love

This cozy coupe has caused a lot of strife for #2 and #3 lately. Both want it. To themselves. All the time.
Celia climbs up and forces her way in whether it is occupied or not.
Micah isn't a fan of two drivers.
He has found a way to feel better about sharing.
This is what happens when she doesn't get her way.


  1. So precious. It's always good to see a baby sister exerting her will. Celia is obviously very good at it!!

  2. Cuties. Keep forcing your way in among the big boys, Celia ;)

  3. Had to go back to find this post but wanted to tell you to get the trailer that can hook to the back. My kids take turns one in trailer and one in car. We also attached a rope to the front so I can pull it-borderline trasy but no fighting!