Saturday, June 9, 2012

Go Twins!

My friend Julie, who I adore for many reasons, but especially because she has two boys similar in age to mine and really gets the brothers/boy thing and my life in general,  called at the 11th hour to ask us to go to a Twins game.  The seats were in a box.  Well, that is the way to kick off our start to pro baseball games.  :)  So we went and had a great time.  The Twins beat the Oakland A's 2-0.  As with most outings we stayed a hair too long and were stressing about the traffic getting out but who knew that the tickets also came with a special parking garage that was super speedy.  I may never get the cheat seats again! :)  Thank you to the Deitlin's for a fabulous afternoon.
The boys.
 Micah was surprisingly into the game.  
 The crew on the way out of the game.
 Noah and Jack holding hands on the way out of the stadium.  So sweet.

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