Thursday, September 6, 2012


It is here.  Kindergarten.  The day we brought Noah home from the hospital I told Shawn, "Before we know it, we will be taking him to college."  I can sometimes have a flair for the dramatic but really, I blinked and now my sweet baby is old enough to get on the bus and head off to Kindergarten.

During our family prayer Shawn prayed that Noah's teacher and all his classmates would know how lucky they were to have Noah as part of their class.  I absolutely adored that.

Here's our star.
 Be still my heart, I could not have dreamed for a sweeter walk to to the bus.
 There he goes.
 A little nervous...BUT they picked up his friend Sam at the next street.  Always helps to have a buddy.
 We drove to the school to wait for his bus to arrive and give him a super first day of school farewell.  Only a few tears from mom.  So proud of that kid.
With teacher Holly.

Wishing him the most spectacular year.

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