Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Skating wrap up

On Saturday the boys had their last skating lesson.  Both have improved.  Shawn and I laugh when watching Micah.  He has a ball and is such a "clown" as Shawn says.  Any time someone falls he gets near them and falls too and then they giggle together.  It is as if he has life all figured out at 3, it is all about having fun.  

Noah on the other hand is very serious.  He has really taken to skating and by lesson 3 was head and shoulders above all the kids in their session.  The teacher did take time to teach him advanced moves to work on.  She gave each of them directions for signing up for next classes.  Micah will move on to Beginners (from Pre-Beginners or those who have never been on the ice) and Noah can skip the next and go to Level I.  I am thrilled my boys will be able to skate, especially since we have a rink across the street from our back yard.
 Backwards skating.
Celia watching.  Noah waiting for the rest of the group.

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  1. What a great skill to have under their belts!