Monday, May 12, 2014

Science Fair

Noah's school held its science fair last month.  Noah and his buddy, Easton, tested if hockey helmets really provide protection.  The boys enjoyed decorating the poster board with NHL logos.  Many thanks to Shawn for helping them come up with the idea and execute the experiment.  It was perfect for them.  We were so proud to see Noah present to his schoolmates, parents and teachers about the project.
  • They weighed a mini watermelon.  It weighed approximately 3 lbs.
  • Then they found that the average kid's head wears 5-7 pounds, so they added a 2.5 weight to the watermelon.
  • Dropped the watermelon + weight from their height to the ground.  Splat!  The watermelon had a huge crack. 
  • Strapped a second watermelon + weight into a hockey helmet.
  • Dropped it from the same kid height distance to the ground.  No break, watermelon intact!
  • Hockey helmets work.

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