Monday, January 26, 2015


 We had a house full of guests for Thanksgiving weekend, my favorite!  Grandpa Dennis & Grandma Jane, my brother Tyler and sister-in-law Rachel, and Shawn's brother Darren and three of his girls Julia, Brooklynn and Hallie.  The whole weekend went incredibly well.  We didn't even have any food making issues on Thanksgiving.  Surrounded by our family was the perfect way to spend a holiday focused on gratitude.
Grandma & Micah making a dessert.
 We love Uncle Tyler, he's always game for dress up.
 Love these girls, too!
 Celia thinks Aunt Rachel is quite special.
 Rachel was kind enough to take some family pictures for us in hopes of getting one for our holiday card.  We had many, many outtakes but in the end found a winner. 
 Took the kids swimming at the hotel pool where Darren and the girls stayed.
We pieced together enough winter gear for the big girls and headed to a nearby sledding hill.  Good cousin time.

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  1. FUN! Nothing better than some quality family bonding time.