Sunday, March 20, 2016

Micah's birthday

Micah turned 6!  Noah and Celia, with a little help from Dad, created a surprise present for Micah.  They used large pieces of cardboard to construct a tank and painted it.  They made a door for him to
get in, a hatch on top that he can look out of and of course a gun coming out the front. Pretty good work and a super happy birthday boy!

Micah had a friend party at the Minnesota Air National Guard Museum.  It was a perfect fit for this kiddo.
We had a Korean War pilot that served as our guide. He even let the kids try on one of his old flight helmets. The kids got to climb aboard helicopters, several airplanes and a flight simulator. Special guests included Great Aunt Mary Frances and Great Aunt Judy as well as Grandma Jane and Grandpa Dennis. Friends Gio, Henry, John and Matthew celebrated with Micah.

Micah has a deep interest in history. He prefers to read non fiction books or historically based fiction. In particular he has a real interest in the military and military history.  Micah likes art and doing art projects. He combines these 2 interests and creates many drawings with stories to go along with them. In fact, he wants to be a author/illustrator when he is older. Micah spends a lot of his time outside "exploring" always on the hunt for artifacts. He does not have much interest in sports but wants to give soccer and baseball a try this year.

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  1. Micah is such a cool kid. Really great celebration ideas, mama. :)