Sunday, July 11, 2010


About four months ago I told Shawn that we have to wait until the last possible moment to let our kids play sports because once it starts we will spend the majority of our life shuttling them from one event to the next. Then a couple of weeks later my girlfriend sent an email about a soccer program for 3 years olds in July and I got sucked in just by thinking about how stinking cute Noah and his friends would be running around the field.

Thursday was Noah's first soccer game. The kids practice for 20 minutes and play for 20 minutes. Our friend, Mike, is their coach and led them through drills the first half and I just couldn't stop smiling at the cuteness. Coaching at this age is really about tying shoes, pointing at the right goal and constantly reminding that there are no hands in soccer.

I imagined that Noah would be timid but once again kids never cease to amaze. He was aggressive and even scored the only goal for his team.

Listening to the rules.

Team huddle.

Whew, was he thirsty. He ran to the sideline numerous times for a drink.


  1. Tell him Aunt Deanna and Uncle Paul are proud of him.

  2. Stinking cute is right. I can barely get over that long shirt ;) LOVE LOVE LOVE the last one with Shawn. Way to go Noah!

  3. REALLY stinkin' cute! I tried to do soccer with my 3 year old this year. He put the soft ball in his teeth at one point and started running around growling. We called it quits. LOL!

  4. These photos are the best. Noah's serious expression makes me laugh. And like Tisha said, love the long shirt!