Tuesday, July 13, 2010


We spent Monday morning at the Minnesota zoo. We have a pass so there is no pressure to see everything or feel guilty if we have to leave after an hour. This week we saw a lot of animals but really took advantage of the play areas built into the zoo.

Playing in the fossil sand box.

Micah was very excited to see the prairie dogs.

The farm section has a play ground and Noah spotted these trucks instantly and was in heaven.


  1. Awesome zoo! We might have to come visit you guys, just to see the fossils and tractors. I love how excited Micah was about the prairie dogs!

  2. I love how you constantly have the boys doing something to keep them entertained! Swimming lessons are now our entertainment and a reason to go to town to play in some parks or visit kid museums. The last pic with the tractors is totally where Grady would be and Bryce next to him eating some dirt I'm sure! Cute boys love to read about all you guys are up to!