Thursday, February 16, 2012

Mood booster

We are having a delightfully mild winter. The kind of winter where Shawn and I have said to each other many times, "We could actually stay here if the winter was always like this." Today our house had a case of the grouchies so we bundled up, it is still 37 degrees, and headed for a walk. We walked to the coffee shop nearby and I treated the boys to hot chocolates. An hour and a half later we got home everyone was happier. Yay sunlight!


  1. Same kind of day at our house today. I too bundled up the boys and we went outside for an hour before we were all Frozen. A 4-wheeler, bike ride, and walk were definitely needed though it IS a bit chilly today. Moods have increased to the happier side at our house also :)

  2. Impressive, when it's below 60 I just want to stay inside-on the flip side I will be dying this summer!