Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super party

With the football obsession in our house being at fever pitch we couldn't let the Superbowl pass without a little fun. Noah's buddy from school, Nate, is a Patriots fan so Noah has declared he is too. The boys also love the book "Family Huddle" about the Manning brothers so there was a little indecision on who we would root for. We started our Superbowl party by making a sign to cheer on our team.
We decided on mini pizzas for dinner and Shawn had the idea of making a football number on them with pepperoni. Cute. However, both boys said they don't like pepperoni so I had to do my best at making a 2 and a 5 out of sausage. If I squint I can see it! :)
Celia was interested too.
The boys were pretty into the game. Is wasn't too long until they were playing their own game with dad though. Thankfully they don't really know when the game is over because by halftime the sandman was calling their names.

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  1. You and Shawn always do such a good job of making events super special :) So cute.