Sunday, November 11, 2012

School pictures

The boys school photos.  I wasn't crazy about either one but thought about having retakes done for Micah.  He is looking at something to the side and I think his eyes are a little crossed.  So they sat on my counter for a few weeks.  It was time to decide what we were going to order so I got out the package and inside was a letter from the photographer saying they liked Micah's photo so much that they want to use it in their advertising.  I laughed out loud and decided it was probably good enough then. :)
His hands absolutely crack me up.  This is the most unnatural pose for him possible, but he is pretty adorable.


  1. They look so grown up. I see both Shawn and your brother Tyler in Noah.

  2. That story had me giggling then I scrolled down and it is an adorable photo of Micah! We moms are always the harshest critics. :) They are both getting so big.