Monday, September 29, 2014


The week before school started we headed 2 1/2 hours north to Alexandria.  We rented a cabin and enjoyed some good, old fashioned family time.  The cabin had a sandy beach with a gradual entry, just perfect for the kids.  Immediately following breakfast they would change into their swimsuits and hop in the water.  Most mornings it was about 65 degrees.  Shawn and I instituted a rule that we would not be in the lake until after lunch.  They loved every minute spending their time building sand castles, making sand pies and playing restaurant, kayaking, collecting shells, swimming to the diving dock, bouncing on the neighbors water trampoline, playing lawn games, exploring and fishing.  There was a lot of fishing and some hungry fish.  The kids averaged a catch about 10 seconds after dropping their bait in.  Ha!  It is so nice to get away from day to day life and relax and enjoy each other.  Celia has decided when she is a grown up she will have a house in Alexandria, which will be a perfect spot to park the pink Mini Cooper and purple pickup she plans to drive.  

First catches.

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