Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Noah's birthday party

Noah had his first friend birthday party.  We decided to throw it on his half birthday.  He wanted a street hockey game, lunch, popsicles and kickball.  He got it.  It was a fun, hot afternoon with a great group of boys.  I only took a couple of photos but the result was:  Noah loved it.  
When Noah was writing his thank yous, we disagreed on what a friend gave him.  He wrote this note...we did change it before it went in the mail.  Ha!
One of his favorite presents was a gift card to Blick art supply store.  This kid is super into drawing.

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  1. How fun...especially that you held it on his half birthday! I am so glad to hear that it was his first friend birthday (which I realize probably has a lot to do with you usually celebrating in NE and over the holidays) b/c Cadyn's 5th birthday is next week and she still hasn't had one. I was feeling a little guilty about it, but until she specifically asks for friends, I am going to keep the parties simple. :)