Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A little country

While in Austin we headed north to Salado to visit my Uncle Virgil (Luke) and Aunt Marilyn. They are great hosts and our boys had a blast. They had quite a spread for us, Virgil made his famous barbeque ribs and Marilyn made all the deliciousness to go along with them.

Micah ate A LOT, which is a good since we are trying to put some meat on his bones (his cheeks are deceiving). Marilyn: I need to get the mac 'n cheese recipe from you. SO GOOD!

Went for a ride in the golf cart.

Luke took Noah for a tractor ride. I can tell he is trying not to smile in this picture. He was very excited.

Off they go.

On the way back Noah was steering and waving to us.

Micah was waving right back. :)
We sure did enjoy our visit to the country and spending time with Virgil & Marilyn. Thank you!!


  1. Wow, looks like a boys paradise! The last photo of Shawn and Micah is darling.

  2. How fun! My tot would love that tractor!