Saturday, August 14, 2010

NP's dream day

A dream day for Noah is spent going to the library for new books and then bringing them home and reading all day. The kid is a serious book worm. It has been so hot and humid here (don't hate me Texans!) that we were happy to venture to the library this week and spend some time in the AC.


  1. We started going to the library a few weeks ago and Grady LOVES it when he gets to pick out new books! The limit to check out is 20 which is a ridiculous amount and we've never come close to but the mom in front of me had to put some books back when she was checking out because she was over the limit. CRAZY!!! I'm glad school has started so I can now run down to our library rather than worry about getting to the town library before it closes! I love a kid that's a book worm, Go Noah!!

  2. That is so great! Noah definitely has some smart genes from you and Shawn :) I still remember going to the Book Mobile during the summer when I was little. I'm sure he will have the same great memories of the library.

  3. Oh, how we love the library. When my tot is not racing around at full speed, he is reading. It's one or the other....there is no in between.