Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Explorer Extraordinaire

We enjoy Fancy Nancy books around here. It certainly is a welcome break from the trucks, cars, and trains selections that make up the lion's share of our reading. The Easter Bunny brought Noah 'Fancy Nancy Explorer Extraordinaire' and his interest in exploring has been budding ever since. Last Thursday I brought him home a few items to get him going as he had already set up a clubhouse under our kitchen table. His clubhouse had so many random things in it including two pair of Shawn's dirty gym socks and all of Noah's clean socks.

A critter cabin. I imagined that we would catch the critters outside; however, by the end of day 2 we had already caught a garden centipede and an ant inside the house. You wouldn't believe the convincing I had to do in order for the cabin to stay in the garage.

1 comment:

  1. I do love good underpants photos ;) And a critter cabin (eek!) is why I am glad I have a girl.