Sunday, September 5, 2010

Lake Travis

Our final stop in Austin was a couple of days at a house we rented near Lake Travis. The Byers and Henn families drove from Houston and Dallas to meet us there. We all met while the guys were in b-school and don't get to see each other enough so it was really nice to catch up and let the little boys have a ball All six of them!

Noah and Jackson hit it off right away, long lost buds. They were so rowdy that they listened to us parents even less than normal.

This picture makes me laugh out loud. Jackson had made a mask out of his tortilla and Noah was trying to copy no avail. :)

S'mores time.

The house rental came with two hotwheels and a long driveway that had a fairly steep incline. I wasn't outside to witness round one of what Noah called "stunt racing" and it is for the best because I am certain that some pretty good injuries could have resulted. We were lucky! :) The guys stood at the end of the driveway to stop the racers and make sure they didn't go into the street. Usually one of the dads also ran beside to help steer if need. It was all very comical.

The kiddos and mamas.
Kiddos with dads.

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  1. Sounds like you all had a great time! Love the group photos and especially the one with all of your boys going down the long driveway.