Saturday, September 4, 2010

While in Austin we went to see Kevin, Brennan, Collin and Liam Cruser for dinner and play time. The boys had fun, when there wasn't a train emergency, Kevin and Shawn laughed over political testimonies and Bren and I got eaten alive by mosquitos while trying to keep our little guys safe on the playscape. Well Liam was fine, I was near a heart attack watching Micah the whole time.

Apparently, I am unable to take pictures and talk because whenever I am excited to catch up with friends/family I never end up with any photos. Here are the measly ones I did take.

Liam got a nasty scratch under his eye at preschool that day. Poor thing, but I think they told Bren he provoked it. As his godmother, can I stick with poor thing. :)
Toy room. Trains, Trains, Trains. Enough said.
Love you guys! Hopefully we see you before June 2011 in the Dells. :)

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